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Here is where we post a selection of the complimentary feedback we get for our Cyprus flowers delivery service.
We post all complaints. 3 in 20 years see our Complaints section here.

 Thank you all for your valued custom and we look forward to making the day of one of your loved ones in the future.

See some pictures which show the delight, the flowers and the recipients



Thank you so much for your tenacity in this endeavor; because of your help , my wife received her flowers. She was very happy, it is our tradition since we've been married; I could not break it, and thanks to you I did not. Keep up the good work.

Best Regards
Fignole Isme


Dear Annelise

Just a quick note to say a very big thank you for the flowers that you delivered to my parents today, they had my mum in tears!
Wishing you all a Happy Christmas
Martin Everitt





Thank you for this wonderful service.
My dad was truly pleased and moved and surprised (most of all)
He said that the delivery person took some pictures and I would really like to see them if you could send them to me when you can.
I am so curious.
Thanks to you and Jayne and all who dealt with this special day for me.
ps I'll be back!!!!!!



I cannot thank you enough for this.
I thought you went home long before midnight.
When I tried to call Jayne on Skype and was told she was off line I assumed that was it for the night. So apologies for keeping you up all night.
You have been fantastic and very understanding in this matter and if the flowers / gifts are anything like your service, then I have no complaints and will not only most certainly be back but recommend your services to others.


Thanks for delivering the flowers on time in spite of the problem with American Express. I really appreciate it.
Best Regards,


Just a quick note to say thank you for the lovely flowers sent on Mother Days on my behalf - Thank You

Andrie Constantinou

Thankyou so much - thank goodness I came to you!! I was worried it was a bit out in the sticks - I think the old man was a bit drunk when he signed the lease as he couldn't explain to anyone where the hell this place was.

Thanks ever so much for tracking it down. 

Is it miles from anywhere?  We're coming out at Christmas!



Thank you very much for delivering the flowers - my dear old mum was ecstatic when she called last night.



Dear Cyprus,
Thank you for delivering such a beautiful plant and for purchasing the scooter for my nephew. They were very surprised and excited to receive there gifts on Christmas Eve. I couldn't have done it without your help on such short notice. It's nice to know  that they're are such nice people on the other side of the world,   
                                       Thanks again,
                                      Bessie Lambrides


Thank you for delivering the flowers to my family on time. I was extremely satisfied with your fast service and I will recommend you to all my friends. I am faxing the form as you requested and it will be my pleasure to do business with you in the future.

I wish you Xronia Polla kai Kali Xronia
Sincerely Yours
Louis Telemachou
Sheraton  - Miami


I will trust your judgement on arrangement and colors. Should you have a digital camera available. Thank you so much for your time, quick response and consideration. I feel I have placed myself in the best hands available in Cyprus.

Yours Randy

I would like to say Thank you very much for the flowers sent to my cousin who has just had a new born baby girl, she said the flowers were lovely and unusual. I asked for something special and she surely received it .

Thanks again , much appreciated !

H. P. (London)

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for delivering my DAD & MOM's deluxe bouquet Last Monday -
When I called home, my Mom was so ecstatic about those flowers - she Was saying how beautifully organized those flowers were and how fresh they looked -
JUST THE SOUND OF HER HAPPY VOICE just made my day!! My Mom is a flower/plant person....she absolutely loves flowers and fact, she loves them so much that at times I used to catch her talking to them

Now I was wondering, in your website it says that you deliver plants too?
What kind of plants do you have?? Are these shown anywhere on your website?



Many thanks, my parents loved the flowers and champagne.
Thanks again for the good service as well.


Dear Susannah,

Happy New Year !
I understand that both parties received the flowers on time and were delighted with the arrangement. Thanks for your prompt service.

Hi Susannah
Just a quick note to say thank you.  Mum phoned me last night, thrilled with them, saying how wonderful they were.


Thanks so much for your work on getting those flowers to Ayia Napa!!!!

I will be telling everyone about your service.


Max Bent (651 Pinky

Hi Pippa,

My goodness - spoilt for choice!!! - but as chocolate is Papa's favourite can we go for the Dark Chocolate Praline please.
Message on cake noted - will keep our fingers crossed!!!

Brilliant - thank you so much - as always it is a great pleasure doing business with you.
In the meantime I noted on your web site that you can arrange for presents to be delivered to children! and just wondered what options are available, only we have recently christened yet another god-child and as it is his 1st birthday on 16th December it would be useful to know:
a)    do you deliver to Paphos?
b)    what present options can you offer?
c)    can you provide helium balloons with Happy Birthday on?
Only knowing what a superb service you have provided us with in the past it would be great if we could do something through you for his birthday this year. 
Look forward to hearing from you and thanks again.
Kind regards,

Many thanks for a reliable service!!

Well Done!

Pippa hi,

Thank you very much for organising the flowers. As far as I know they did

get there in time. Much appreciated.

Kindest regards,

Niko Martikas

Dear Pippa,  sorry for delay.
Bank of Cyprus just called saying they were really surprised and amazed by the gift!
So txs for your job, well done and looking fwd for next time

Thank you for the excellent services!

I will surely use you again :)

Kind Regards

kai kala hristouyena


Dear Pippa,

Thank you very much for your very beautiful service and prompt delivery.

Wish you all the best,


Hi Pippa,

Thank you so much for arranging the delivery of the flower bouquet and bottle of wine to my parents for their surprise anniversary present in their hotel room. It's hard to arrange something when you are in London and your parents are in Cyprus, but you made it all so easy! I will definitely be recommending you for your excellent service and communication.

Thanks again and please feel free to use my thanks on your feedback site. 

Best wishes from a rainy London and happy Easter to you and your family,

Andriana Orphanides

To: Armata

HEY SUSANNA - HI - I just wanted to drop a line and say HOW WONDERFUL YOU ARE!!!! _ I just read the COMPLAINT section and I am shocked at how rude people can be.. I am sorry that that happened to you... I THINK OF YOU AND ALL AT CYPRUS - FLOWERS AS AWESOME - YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST - AND JAYNE---GOD BLESS


Just a quick e mail o say thanks again for such an amazing service , I work as a manager for a large supermarket chain and understand the benefits of great customer service and for someone to go to the lengths that you have to deliver this service really is worth congratulations , thanks again and just to let you know Lisa was surprised and loved the flowers you had selected .


Dear Pippa
Just wanted to say thank you for the fast and friendly service. The flowers arrived yesterday as promised, and apparently are lovely.
My parents moved to Cyprus in February, and we have used Interflora until now for Mother's Day, birthdays etc, but will use your service again in future
many thanks

hi there,

Thank you for your great service my sister got the flowers as planned and gave her a great surprise she cried. I'm glad i came across your website, and that you Armata and Pippa for all your help and putting up with me keep emailing.
thanx again
Sara, Mark & Joshua, UK-England xxxx

dear pippa

i spoke to my mum after her flowers had been delivered this morning and she was delighted with them once again thank you very much for making her day.


Dear Susannah,

Thanks a lot for urgent processing and calling.

It's a pleasure to have such a careful and fast service.

Warmest regards from cold and wet Moscow,


Pippa Hi

Apologies for the delay in replying.

I would just like to thank Cyprus-Flowers for being receptive to my comments, it was a matter of principle. 

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Best Wishes
Tony (a satisfied customer)

Hi Suzanna

Many thanks for all your help, he liked the rose on its own and is drinking the wine as we speak !

Thanks again

Kind regards


Subject: Re: Orchid plant

Thank you very much for your service, the recipient was truly pleased to receive the orchid. I will keep your details as I will most definitely be using you again.

Regards, Roger.

Subject: Order

Many thanks.  I am very impressed with your service.  Regards Peter

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