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Outside City Limits Delivery Charges. If an area or village is not mentioned on the Cyprus flowers - delivery charges page,  please e-mail us and ask for the price.


In fact if you want help with any aspect of your delivery or flower order, just ask us.


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What we deliver - and why


We deliver flowers and plants. We will also deliver, with those flowers and plant various gifts, wine, chocolates, baskets of fruit, teddy bears and cuddly toys, presentation boxes with champagne, wine or spirits, novelty gifts and corporate gifts. Within the Larnaca area we can be persuaded to deliver just about anything you like, as this is where the boss lives and she practices what she preaches and goes out of her way to offer true customer service. However, everywhere else, delivery is dependent on a number of factors, staff, opening hours, comprehension and willingness. There isn't an awful lot of the last two around, so it is just policy that we only deliver the gifts with flower orders. Please do not get all bent out of shape if you have a friend who lives in Paphos and you want a tin of baked beans delivered to him, either ask nicely and accept no, if it is, but please don't say that it wasn't on the website because it is.




Our head office is in Larnaca, to deliver to Polis would take over 5 hours in total, in order to keep costs down, we cooperate with other florists where more appropriate. We also try to deliver to any destination, no matter how inconvenient and loss engendering as we believe in an all round good service, however on busy days, such as mothers say and valentines day, the more out of the way deliveries may end up being very late in the day. We have been known to deliver just before midnight, so if your loved one lives down a track in them there hills, please consider a delivery the day before a popular feast day.




When we use other florists, we show them pictorially what we expect them to deliver. If you do not receive something of equivalent quality, we want to know about it. There are many florists we no longer cooperate with, as our standards are high. We do not go for the cheaper option unless specifically asked to do so by our clients. We have a number of international florists who prefer to use us than go directly to another florist as our reputation is that we care about the service we deliver and will follow through to make sure that service is what we ourselves would want were the boot on the other foot. However, that does not mean we are an easy touch for 'compensation'. As with all Armata ventures, we have a complaints department which takes legitimate complaints very seriously. This does not mean we are a soft touch for nonsense. If your complaint is a legitimate one, we will investigate fully and take appropriate action. Please photograph any flowers or goods that you find defective. In these times of mobile phones with cameras, we do not find this an onerous request

Also, please remember that the further out of town the journey, especially in the very hot months of July and August,
 a pot plant may be more appropriate.


Also see our Compliments

and our complaints

What to send and what not to send in Cyprus


We have a list of Flowers and their seasons in Cyprus and also a list of Namedays in Cyprus and other important festivals.

We deliver chocolates in the cooler months but not in summer as instead of chocolates they become tasty stick ooze.
we have added cakes and sweeties  to our portfolio as when we find talent we try and develop it.

Cut flowers do not last well in the heat in Cyprus. If you know that the recipient has air conditioning or you don't care if they only last five minutes, then fine, send cut flowers, but if you are likely to be called a fool for wasting your money and we are likely to get an irate call from an unhappy person when the lovely flowers only lasted 3 or 4 days, please send a pot plant instead.

Privacy Policy.


Our privacy policy is very very simple. Your information is private. Unless we are ordered to do so by a court of law, no one outside our group will ever see it. We have consistently been offered pots of money over the years to 'share' or even 'leak' our customers e mail addresses to other companies in order to ' send you valuable and beneficial special offers'. Don't worry, we won't even send you any. We don't do the spam thing, we don't like it and we don't do it.

Simple eh?


Is Cyprus-flowers.com for sale


Yes of course it is, every business is for sale.
 The question is, the price.

We started Cyprus Flowers in 1998 in response to a demand through readers  of  Windowoncyprus.com  our 'mother site'. (the same way we began all our services)
Our customer base grew pretty quickly and we found that people came back again and again,
 so we started our members section, in order to streamline our users experience and avoid the need for them to fill out cumbersome authorisation forms,
 as was the order of the day from JCC the local credit card processing agency.


We found that there are some unscrupulous people out there who, knowing the loopholes in matters legal and financial, would buy things online which they never intend to actually pay for. One such company which currently owes us a substantial amount of money is named below.


The World Flowers

(now theworldflowers.com )

based in South America


The World Flowers +1 (954) 4140703

$700 + because we trusted you - spoiling it for others you see,
that's what happens when people take advantage of trust.
If you feel like calling them, please do, we cannot afford that kind of a loss!

They sent flowers for their clients through us - their clients paid them, they didn't pay us !!

so, no, we don't do anything ' on account' anymore.


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