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TRenata was very pleased with this bouquet until she discovered that it wasn't for her.he flower arrangements and bouquets below are an indication of what is available for delivery in Cyprus through Cyprus Flowers.  Of course they vary with the seasons so to get an idea of the flowers used see our Flowers and Seasons page. The pictures were taken in  2001 , 2003 and 2008 in response to requests to show some idea of the range of flowers, plants and gifts we carry. This is not hard and fast and is meant as a general guide only. But these are the kinds of flowers you can expect to find in a bouquet from Cyprus flowers, and the kinds of gifts we can send with those flowers. If you want something special that you don't see here, just ask us, we are quite friendly. We will happily deliver a hand tied bunch of spring flowers or a special arrangement of proteas and birds of paradise. Here you can see the Namedays in Cyprus  (A name day is as important in Cyprus as a birthday - each person is named after a saint and each saint has a special day)

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Our Flower Bouquets and Arrangements

standard bouquet from taken 27 March 2019

This is a standard bouquet at 38 Euros - it contains seasonal flowers and greenery and is presented in a wrapping commensurate with the fashion of the day.

We have a selection of vases which can be delivered with your flower order. Each area of Cyprus has different stock, but generally they range from 10 to 100 Euros.

This is the Deluxe bouquet at 60 Euros. It contains seasonal flowers and posh imported flowers in varying degrees, dependent upon the season and availability. Tied up with ribbons and bows.


If you wish for any of the bouquets shown to be delivered in a freestanding jell/water bag, please add 7 euros. (In some places it is 5, in others 8 in some 10, so we have rounded it out to allow for those swings and roundabouts.

A dozen red roses, a classic at 48 Euros. These roses will be long stemmed and romantic. Usually delivered with some white gypsophylia or ferns but the eye of the one who makes it will be the deciding factor (unless you have a special request)


**Please Note - The summer in Cyprus is very hot - flowers do not last well unless the recipient has good air conditioning or lives in a fridge - If they might be upset when they wilt and die, do not send them cut flowers, send a plant instead.

The Megaflash is 150 Euros. Being held here to give an indication of size. In Larnaca, it is bigger!


This is the biggest bunch of flowers we do, it is difficult to lift when the boss makes it in Larnaca (but she invented it so !! - it is around the size in the picture in all other areas, it has quality and bulk - an eye widener.

A Rose Heart at 209 Euros


See our guide to cut flower care

35 Euros
50 Euros
100 Euros

A pot plant or arrangement of pot plants in a basket, tub or other receptacle. We can deliver a growing plant, ranging from a simple mother in Law's tongue (nothing simple about that) a simple flowering plant in season as shown. a planter with an arrangement of indoor plants to a bonsai tree miniature garden. Please discuss your requirements with one of our live online assistants here, or let us know by e mail what you would like and where, we will send you a quote by return.

Chocolates, Wine, Champagne, Gifts, Vintners tools,
Teddy bears and Cuddly toys

A bouquet and a bottle of bubbly

We also do a bouquet  with a bottle of bubbly or wine and the gifts below. It may not have been clear enough, as it only said 3 times on this page that we deliver the gifts, wine and chocolates with your flower order, but so that it is very very clear, we only deliver the gifts, chocolates, wine and champagne with your flower order.

bulletThe only exception to this is in the Larnaca area or when special arrangements have been made well in advance say for Christmas. Please see our privacy policy, information that you should read, terms and conditions and other very important trivia page for a full explanation.

These we do without flowers if you wish >>>

Gifts, cakes and sweeties

We do need time for these as they are hand made with love, to order - each goody has a time specified

 This familly od teddy bears and cuddly toys are available for you to send as gifts. Click the picture to enlarge it.

See gifts & teddy delivery Cuddly toys here

Teddy Bears and Cuddlies

These Teddies are of a superior quality, most of them are 'Forever Friends'
From EUR12 to EUR77 each.

We also have straw dolls, rabbit and lady bird plant poles and other novelty items suitable for children and girlfriends/wives.

Teddy bears and cuddly toys as gifts in Cyprus - this is our bride and groom teddy pair - cute or what?

Gifts & teddy delivery

Belgian chocolate gift box


 This is a box filled with hand made French or Belgian chocolates.
French handmade selection
(Only available from November to May due to the hot weather)

Always available

Ferrero Rocher Gift box

Sticky sweeties from Euro 25


Wine presentation gift boxes - you may send wine or champagne in these sleek boxes. Vintners tools are included.

Wine Presentation Boxes

These boxes are for wine lovers. The first is perfect to present a bottle of wine or champagne as a gift. It contains all the toys a wine buff would play with, including a bottle opener. Sold out.

The smaller box is purely the toys in a cute padded box. Highly portable and an unusual and thoughtful gift. EUR35.

Corporate Gifts

We send corporate gifts on request and can make up hampers, baskets of fruit and novelty bags as you like. We also do promotional T shirts and give a ways by special order. Please contact us to open a corporate account.

Champagne and Wine

Veuve Cliquot (The widow) champagne in CyprusMoet & Chandon champagne in CyprusMoet & Chandon champagne in CyprusMumm Champagne in CyprusRose champagne in CyprusDom Perignon champagne in Cyprus 

We stock a variety of Champagne and wine which can be delivered with your flower order. We also stock organic wine, pink champagne and a local make, Duc de Nicosie

Hand carved wine gift presentation box Duc de Nicosie 28.00 euro
Moet et Chandon 60.50 euro
French Veuve Cliquot  73.00 euro
French Pink Champagne 101.00 euro
Dom Perignon Vintage 1993 286.00 euro
Dom Perignon 1996 350.00 euro
Agravani Organic Wine 24.00 euro
Rose Wine 20.00 euro
Dry White Wine 20.00 euro

The hand carved wooden presentation boxes shown above are sold out.
We have a hexagonal balsa wood gift box @ 17 Euros
This is a useful item that will last.
The wine accessory box is 35  euros extra for delivery with any bottle.

Flowers for bithdays, namedays, anniversaries             Fill the wine presentation box with wines or champagne of your choice            Flowers in Cyprus for all occasions


If you have any personal gift preferences, please name them and we  will see if we can obtain them. We do deliver children's presents at Christmas and Easter and will deliver any of the above gifts with your flower order.

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